Bensos’ laundry detergents differ from other products on the market basically for the following features:

  • compared to most other ecological detergents, Bensos’ ones do contain neither persistent, nor long-term toxic nor allergenic substances;
  • regarding conventional (not ecological) products, among the features the lack of optical brighteners stands, even visually;
  • in respect of most of them all, Bensos’ have no fragrance inside.

As washing efficacy, instead, there are no significant differences: laundry results clean and odour-free following low doses written in the labels As with all detergents, some little more attention is required when particular stains are present; we did optimise pretreating agents with the aim to make easier and faster their application, mainly to cater for working mothers and, in general, all the people living a busy life.

To wash as well as possible, it is recommended not only to separate coloured from white fabrics, but also to consider the type of fibre: in particular, wool and silk should preferably washed at neutral pH with the Delicate Fabrics Detergent code HD, as well as lace lingerie and swimwear. We recommend to wash this kind of clothes by hand, with gentle soaking and few wrings. The Delicate Fabrics Detergent is suitable for washing scuba suites and surfboard or sailing suites too.

To make heavy laundry, as well as to wash cotton underwear and pile sweaters, we recommend Laundry Detergent code H: its alkaline pH and its peculiar composition make it efficient towards soil, best if coupled with Bleaching Powder code D.

Bensos combines environmental sustainability with daily wellness and respect for health.

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