Some companies offer perfumeless detergents, but they also offer essential oils to perfume them, accompanying with recommendations about “healthy” properties of such oils. In Bensos website you will not find any essential oil offered: the choice is only between using only non-perfumed detergents and using it in addition to allergen-free perfumed fabric softener or allergen-free laundry fragrance. Why?

The point is that allergy is not a temporary nuisance: when it comes it never leaves, from then on affecting every little thing in your life. The allergists know well that, except for a few cases treatable with drugs, the best way to avoid allergic reactions is never have contact again with the allergen.

Another thing allergists know well is that allergy occurs in frequent users too: people who use products that contain allergens may develop allergy from a certain point onwards, when their immune system no longer tolerates that contact and shows it with skin irritations, wheals, respiratory problems, until anaphylactic shock. Moreover, once they have been absorbed by the organism some chemicals are easily stored in body fat deposits (it is the phenomenon of the bioaccumulation), therefore the contact occurs “from inside” without us even knowing it.

A lot of people rightly think that essential oils show many good properties; indeed many scientists do so. Bensos believes that applications in Medicine can be, as with natural chemiotherapeutic drugs (for instance vincristine and vinblastine, which are extracted by periwinkle plants) and the other drugs from the bark of the willow-tree). But, as all chemicals both from natural and synthetic origin, essential oils can show bad aspects too; indeed they are mixtures of mostly strong allergens! In addition, most of them show long-term toxicities (see this article).

The reasons described above should be more than enough to remove them from consumers’ daily use; as a result, when someone has got to take a medicine containing such substances as active ingredients, he/she would have less risk of allergic reactions. Pharmacologically active substances should always be used under medical supervision, also to check possible side-effects. It would be better for everyone to avoid frequent unnecessary uses (for instance as ingredients of detergents, in soap, for aromatherapy, in food…) of such substances.

Finally: Bensos is not going to offer you essential oils at all! Actually it advises against their use. Meanwhile Bensos recommends detergents with neither perfumes nor enzymes (they are allergens too), which optionally add an allergen-free fragrance to. Here a quite wide choice of laundry products:

To this array other are going to add in the future, as we are working and making tests in our R&D laboratory:

  • Powder laundry detergent with no perfume, no allergens
  • Laundry Fragrance with other allergen-free perfumes
  • Fabric Softeners with other allergen-free perfumes

Laundry pretreating agents are allergen-free too and, in general, all Bensos products for household and professional use, as well as body care products. They also show very low environmental impact and no long-term toxic substances at all. Products are made with artisanal care and with the utmost attention to the consumer.

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