Overalls, stained with oily slime and grease from foundries or mechanic workshops, should be washed after pretreating and/or rubbing with a brush.

But… what if we do not have time? What if it turns out to be too hard a work, in relation to other homeworks too?

The following is a good method for washing overalls without necessarily pretreating, for a 5 Kg load at 40°C (104°F):

Load the machine with water and start washing cycle; after a while, stop it and let overalls soak for 4, 5 or more hours, then start again the machine and make washing come to end. At higher temperatures, soaking time may be reduced.

In big companies, coveralls are washed by specialized laundry services, which are used to apply high washing temperatures and caustic based products. This kind of soil is, actually, very hard to remove; that is why, at low temperatures and without using strong alkalies, detergents amounts must by higher than normal laundry.

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