Bucato_2Recently, someone asked us if it is necessary to neutralize potential traces of alkaline detergent from laundry by adding citric acid during rinsing phase.
This is an interesting request, in fact alkaline pH (from 7=neutral to 14= extremely alkaline) is not very compatible with our skin and it tends to irritate it. Actually, normal laundry detergents, such as Laundry Liquid code H, show pH 10, moderately alkaline, with the aim to degrease clothes easier. Instead, skin is “happier” getting in touch with fabrics showing neutral o mildly acidic pH (pH from about 4 to 7).
Therefore, using a normal laundry detergent it is recommended to add a little amount of Citric Acid code ACIT to be put into fabric-softener dispenser.
For regular users of Fabric Softener code A or Laundry Fragrance code FBthis precaution is not necessary, as both products show a slightly acidic pH and play a neutralizing function themselves, during rinsign phase.
In closing, it is unnecessary also if the detergent is Delicate Fabrics code HD, because of neutral pH of this detergent. Only if fabrics tend to discolour, citric acid becomes useful.

  1. How much citric acid should I put in the fabric softener dispenser? I have the powder version.

    • Hi Ciru, if you make a 10% solution in fresh water (10 g added to 90 g water, 100 g in total), you may put 30-40 ml of it into the dispenser.
      Kind regards

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