When our kids come back home from kindergarten with dresses dirty with felt pen ink or tempera paint and, in addition, greasy food overlapping stains, what are we going to do?
Which stain are we going to treat first?
In  our experience, the first stains to be treated are inky ones by soaking with cold water, spraying Multipurpose code MS and rubbing, then rinsing (if necessary repeating the treatment). The Multipurpose has neutral pH and, for a number of reasons, it shows a mild degreasing power, too mild to remove greasy stains; instead it is efficient towards most felt pen and tempera paints stains.
It is better to act towards greasy stains only in a second phase, by using either Universal Degreaser code MC generallly indicated for greasy soil and to treat collars and cuffs, or Liquid Castile Soap code SAPMAR recommended for extravergin oil stains (and for blood and grass stains) or the new Improved Degreaser code MA for particularly strong greasy soil. Their action is boosted by hot water; for extravergin oil stains, so difficult to remove, it is better to pre-soak with hot water, then spray the product and rub, with the aim to make the detergent seep through the dirty fabrics.
Let us remember that greasy soil dissolves better in hot water, whereas inks and paints dissolve better in cold water (hot fixes them irreversibly on the fabrics).

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